Create password

Check password hash

How do I use this?

Fill out your password in the "create password" form. After that you should see text that says CREATE PASSWORD. Copy the one that says "CREATE PASSWORD: Your password cookie is" and copy the code in the input box. Send this code to @robdeprop on Discord. Tell him your username and send him the thing you copied in a seperate message.

How does it work?

Credits to NodePoint for offering to give the salting/hashing algorithm used in 3DSPlaza because someone at one point had forgotten their password and couldn't access their email.

A hash is created by hashing the password to SHA-1, adding the string literal "sl", and then MD5 hashing said result. This results in a string of letters and numbers.

What is a hash?

A hash is a string of text that goes through a one way algorithm that then could be checked against the actual string. This is useful for websites like 3DSPlaza and 3DSTownSquare where not storing passwords in plaintext is crucial.

Can this be used to crack passwords?

Technically yes. But you need the either the wachtwoord cookie from 3DSPlaza or the actual password hash or that's stored in the database (which is the same).

Download a password cracker for 3DSPlaza (hash not included)

Why doesn't 3DSPlaza use password_verify()?

3DSPlaza was created in 2011, but password_verify wasn't added to PHP until 2013. Migrating over to password_verify() and password_hash() would have taken a long time and force people to change their password and thus it never happened.